All About How to Replace Washing Machine Motor in Oakville, Ontario

All appliances be it kitchen or home appliances can bear faults at any time due to any reason; buying a new one in place of the old one should not be the only solution in such a scenario. You should always look out for the fault and ways to repair it before buying a new one. One of the common problems found in some of our daily use home appliances is encountered when our washing machine’s motor starts malfunctioning. In this article, you will learn about some easy steps to learn how to replace washing machine motor.

Consider the Model: First of all, consider the model of your washing machine because different companies have different kinds of motors fitted in their washing machines. You can’t fit a Samsung washing machine motor into a Whirlpool one, so make sure to check your machine’s model and company. Once the model is known, you can easily buy a new motor from the market. On the other hand, also check the warranty and guarantee of the old motor because you may get it replaced from the company if it is still in the warranty period.
Unplug the Washing Machine: Second important and unavoidable step in the whole process on how to replace washing machine motor is to unplug the machine. Make sure to disconnect the machine from the main power source before you start replacing the motor or any other part of the machine for your own safety. Once, this is done you can be ensured that no accidents will take place during the replacing procedure.
Locate the Washing Machine Motor: Third major step on how to replace washing machine motor is to locate where the motor is. Generally, two wires are connected to a washing machine motor and you need to first disconnect these two wires from the wiring harness and then grasp and pull the connectors through which they are connected to remove the wires. You are advised not to pull the wires directly but remove them from the connectors by holding the connector tightly.
Discard Old and Insert New Motor: Once you have removed the wires, remove the old washing machine motor and replace it with a new one. Make sure to put it in the right position using the right screws and springs to stabilize it. Once, the motor is at the right position, simply reconnect the two wires with the wiring harness using the connector.
Switch On and Check: Lastly, when you are confident that every thing is in order and you have placed the motor, screws and wires along with the connectors at the right places, just switch on the washing machine and run it to check whether the motor is working properly. It is important to run a complete cycle to see whether the replaced motor is working efficiently or not, in case there is any fault, then you may need to redo the whole procedure and if necessary call a technician to check and replace a new washing machine motor with accuracy.